Bhleu is blessed

Bhleu has pretty much achieved her heart’s desire. There is only a few steps left to complete the vision.  The unconventional fairy tale i desired long before ever being bound for the first time. I’m a happily owned and submissive pet for my Master. I’m happy and content within my Dominant/submissive relationship. I’m comfortable with the dynamics. He makes my stays in his dungeon very appealing and i desire nothing more than being chained and left in the  safety of his dungeon until he returns. To hear the “click” of the locks tells me i’m safe.

i enjoy the deliberate and concrete steps my Master takes with me, i have grown under his guidance and despite a few speed bumps along the way the path has been good. It feels as if i’m on the edge of growth and change. This causes uncertainty in me, despite knowing its good for me; the fear of the unknown makes me shake. Do not misunderstand, the emotional growth and pain that sometimes ensues is good for my growth as a submissive and slave for my Master. I am a emotional sub its what makes me passionate and a good submissive yet at times emotions get in the way. I’m also a planner so change comes hard, i like security and safety, something my Master provides.

If i had my way i’d be branded, locked and placed in Master’s dungeon 24-7

Not every woman or man can understand this but my path is not theirs, it’s mine. I am well cared for and loved and i value what we have. Although on occasion i seem to work at messing it up. Self sabotage is not uncommon and my feelings for my Master are a source of great comfort and yet a deep seated fear. After all when you achieve almost everything you have ever desired will the walls come crumbling down? I need to just breathe and actively participate by following my Masters guidance.

In a few months i’m scheduled to begin the piercing process i have waited so long to achieve with my Master’s guidance. I’m excited to begin this process, i know it will please Master and it fulfills my desires as well. To be locked, bound, branded and well kept pet, sub, slave for my Master is all i have ever wanted.

i desire to fulfill his needs and become the ultimate submissive/slave for him. i’m a good pet and recognize the growth i’ve achieved with his guidance. I do enjoy being his pet and expect i will continue to grow and evolve as a sub and as a person. i’ve no expectations on the future except to breathe and follow this journey. I am truly blessed and grateful to have him as my Master.

Bhleu ♬



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