My mouth is a bench warmer, for Now!


First I’m beyond Bhleu i’m not even sure how to take the fact that nothing will be allowed to be placed in mouth until such time as i get a Doctors release…No cock, no gags; what’s a girl supposed to do?

How do i even identify as a sub, myself or place any value on myself? I feel like curling up in a ball and crying, my jaw hurts and pops but is it really that bad!! The Doctor said give it a rest and learn to relax the tension more and it should improve.

Don’t they get it, i don’t

Chain Gag, I love things in my mouth!

care if my jaw hurts i want to be gagged, i want to be face fucked and take cock down deep. i don’t care if my jaw aches afterwards but you cannot deny what is mine or can you.

I guess the real fear is i’ll be replaced or supplemented, then what? Part of me is angry, I don’t get going from A to Z on this…The other part just wants to cry, this is bullshit.

I get injuries can and will happen; that at times my body may not be as tough as i desire but that doesn’t mean we stop. So we overused my jaw, it will heal. I do know this i’m not conceding that my jaw and mouth are off limits, yes i will give them a break, yes i will do the work the doctor said. There must be a happy medium, a compromise where we can all get what we want without injuring my jaw and without depriving either my Master or myself of the things i need as much as he does.

My mouth work may be on the bench for now but not off limits for long as I am not living without my pacifier and your cock stuffed deep down my throat and mouth.


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