Insecurity & Submission hold hands

I’ve heard do not let your insecurities control you, I understand that but submission by its very nature creates doubts and insecurities where they often wouldn’t exist otherwise.

Each Dominant and relationship is different and you cannot judge yours by someones else’s definition but for me, submitting creates both empowerment and doubt. Leaving room for insecurities to fester if not attended to. I am working on them diligently, its easier some days then others. download

Some days I want to beg my Master to retun, although this might be one of the few times I’ve had to ask twice to plan a return trip. You see, we do not live in the same City but are fully attached and committed.  The dynamic alone can breed insecurities. It’s up to the submissive to control and conquer their insecurities; sure a Dom can help but ultimately its the subs responsibility and their path to empowerment to do so.

I firmly believe the relationship I’m in with my Master is represented by the Ying-Yang symbol. He really does compliment me and I him but at times its not easy, no relationship is. Many will tell you submission is all peaches and cream or butterfly’s and unicorns, maybe it is for some but not when your Master has such high standards or demands; yet it is a golden path for me.

At times I’m needy, stubborn and even insecure…Currently I am questioning myself on a recent insecure feeling; my solution was to curl up in my knowledge that i am a good submissive and pet; despite my faults i am beautifully imperfectly. You cannot control another, you can only control how you handle yourself and that is key to mastering your insecurities, doing better and improving yourself.

Best, Bhleu



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